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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dwarf Tomato Project

This is an invitation for seed savers and gardeners to participate in a unique Dwarf Tomato Project (DTP) by growing a few plants to test new varieties that are being developed.

The DTP began in 2006 and is operated entirely by volunteers. No money or profit is involved. This is basically an altruistic project that sprang up out of hobbyist enthusiasm and has grown into a large project involving volunteers in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The original goal was to breed some of the larger heirloom tomato varieties with a few of the little known dwarf varieties to get different coloured fruits on more manageable plants and also to have some of the great taste of heirloom varieties.

The results of this project will be a bonus for gardeners with manageable plants that can be grown in limited spaces in pots, on decks and balconies, in courtyards, in flower beds or simply in front of a sunny window indoors.

To see more pictures of how they look visit this link.

Seeds can be sent anywhere in Australia apart from Tasmania. If you are interested in this project you can help by growing several plants and providing a couple of tomato samples to photograph from each plant. Please contact the Southern Hemisphere Project Manager, Patrina on 08 8370 5316 or email: chillichick@gmail.com.

Patrina would need to rely on reports of the shape, colour, taste and overall performance via email, and then she would arrange for the grower to send her some seeds if she thinks its worth continuing from a particular plant.  Patrina would certainly welcome Queensland growers who usually grow tomatoes during winter (her off season) when it's less humid and not so wet, but of course it depends where in Queensland the growers are located.

The project is getting very large - check out the website for more information.  The Melbourne seed company Diggers is trialling one of the new varieties from the project called 'Perth Pride' and if they like it, will offer seeds in their catalogue with more new varieties to follow.

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