We meet on the first Sunday of each month between 8.30am - 10.00am. Venue: 145 Ilkley Road, Ilkley, Sunshine Coast.
All welcome to come along for a chat, cuppa, local organic gardening tips, seed saving and plant swap! Gold coin donation.
If you have any seeds that need processing or you'd like to contribute to our community seed bank, bring them along.
Follow us on Facebook @ facebook.com/eudloseedsavers for regular updates.


A range of resources to help educate you on Genetically Modified Organisms, the health risks and how to avoid them in the foods you buy and grow.

"The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods" Powerpoint Presentations

Short Presentation (5 min - 37 slides)
Medium Presentation (20 min - 53 slides)
Complete PowerPoint

True Food Guide

Australia currently has limited labelling laws for genetically modified (GM) foods. That's where the True Food Guide comes in handy. The Guide rates food brands and products as Green (non-GM), Orange (phasing out GM ingredients) and Red (may contain GM ingredients).

2011 Kids Edition to Avoid GM Foods
2010 Full Guide 

Join the True Food Network

Eating in the Dark - How Australia's Food Regulator is Failing us on GE Food (Greenpeace)


GE Free Australia
Gene Ethics - Join 

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