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Monday, April 18, 2011

Growing Food from Seed

5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Food From Seed

There are some important reasons why we should all grow at least some of our food from seed in our home gardens.

1. Save money!
Seeds represent great value for money so investing in even one seed packet will reap huge rewards if you choose the right kind of seeds, but learning to save your own seed means you don’t need to continue to buy it.

2. F
ood Security. Having control over the source of the food plants you grow begins in your backyard. You grow what you need and you know it is from safe seed - not genetically modified.

3. Healthy, Pest & Disease Resistant Plants. Just a few multi-national corporations are behind the commercial seed companies and their goals and intentions are profit driven - learning more about this helps us make better decisions about which seeds to grow and which to avoid. It's important to grow plants from open-pollinated, organic and heirloom varieties rather than hybrids.

4. Preserve the Genetic Diversity of Heirloom Plant Varieties. This simply means we can all do our bit to help retain a wider range of edible plants by preserving or saving at least one or two varieties at home.

5. Seed Saving is Rewarding and Easy. It also builds self-reliance and a great sense of empowerment.

Read more on Growing Your Own Food from Seed and find a list of reputable seed suppliers (open-pollinated, heirloom and certified organic seeds) in Australia here. These seeds will produce plants that are ‘true-to-type’ (or have the same characteristics as the parent) and more importantly, will enable you to save seed from the plants you grow.

Happy sowing!


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